North Walsham children receive awards

Children from a North Walsham school have been presented with certificates for their efforts in celebrating the Royal wedding.

North Walsham Town Council awarded the certificates to each class at Millfield Primary School in North Walsham and a grand certificate to the school in recognition of their valuable contribution to the Royal Wedding Celebrations.

The day before the Royal wedding, the children and staff were encouraged to come to school dressed in either something red, white and blue or as a prince or princess and the day itself was celebrated in style with a Royal lunch and street party in the school hall, which had been decorated with Royal banners and Union Jack flags.

The children from years two and three made a three tiered royal wedding cake, which they made out of card, ribbon and finished with tissue paper flowers. A six foot tall 'Princess Kate' model was also displayed in Connexions window in North Walsham.

Children from beech class also made a poster based on the story book 'The Queens Knickers' by Nicholas Allan and carried on the theme by creating a scrap book of different designs of pants for William and Kate, which the children have now sent on to Buckingham Palace.

There was also a balloon race on the school field. Three hundred red, white and blue balloons filled with helium were released in celebration of the Wedding. Each balloon had a ticket tied onto it with a special number, which correlated to each pupil in the school. On the label was a request, asking who ever received the balloon to return the label with where it was found and the child whose balloon travelled the furthest would receive a special prize.

The school have had a number of labels returned to them, the furthest being in Hertfordshire.

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Head Jan Harazdiuk said: 'As usual the children rose to the occasion and we were delighted to see their work displayed in venues around the town.'