Popular music event 'ruined' by people arriving with their own alcohol

North Sea Coffee cafe

North Sea Coffee, on Cromer promenade, where a series of late night music events called North Sea Nights have been held during summer months. - Credit: Google

A popular music event on the north Norfolk coast has been cancelled after it was "ruined" by people turning up with their own alcohol.

North Sea Nights, which takes place during the summer months, is organised by the owners of North Sea Coffee, a cafe on Cromer promenade.

But on their Facebook page on Sunday (July 17) they announced the cancellation of the next event originally scheduled for August 20.

"These free events take a lot of hard work, planning and expense," they said.

"And yesterday's event was ruined for us by people who decided to bring their own alcohol."

The owners said these actions jeopardise their licence and the safety of the event, as glass is not allowed on the promenade.

"We certainly didn't start these events to spend the night remonstrating with people, but unfortunately that has become the case."

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They will take a break from North Sea Nights while deciding how best to manage any future events.