North Norfolk speaking club comes top of class

Members of a north Norfolk speaking club have come top of the class in a speech contest.

Following their success in the club contest on September 22, two members of North Norfolk Speakers Club (NNSC), David Ley and David Beecroft, went on to the area contest at Dereham Articulate Speakers Club on October 2.

In the humorous speech contest, contestants had to give a five to seven minute speech with a humorous twist.

David Ley, who was also celebrating his birthday, gave a speech entitled 'A Golden Opportunity' about his unusual Golden Wedding celebrations.

Next came the table topics contest. A Table Topic is a short speech of between one and two minutes where the speaker does not know the subject in advance. The subject chosen was 'Congratulations, You Have Won the Lottery, Who Will You Help and Why?'

Imaginations ran wild as the contestants speculated on how they would spend their winnings and which family, friends and organizations they would help.

To the great delight of NNSC both categories were won by their entrants, David Ley and David Beecroft.

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The division contest takes place in Ware, Hertfordshire on October 24 where the club hopes they will continue their winning run.

North Norfolk Speakers Club meets on alternate Wednesday evenings at North Walsham High School from 7pm.

Everyone is welcome to try the club out free for three meetings. The next meeting is October 20.

For further details, contact Lynne on 01692 402662 or Brian on 01328 830402.