North Norfolk schools flooded after pipes burst

Two North Norfolk schools are among at least 17 across the county that have been flooded during the Christmas holidays after freezing temperatures caused pipes to burst.

The county council's insurance department has so far received a total 19 claims from schools, including Mundesley Junior and Tunstead Primary.

A spokesman for the council said the problem was due to the 'prolonged sub-zero temperatures that we have been experiencing' and had affected 17 of the 434 schools the council was responsible for.

There were doubts about whether the schools would open in time for the new term this week. Parents are advised to keep an eye on the emergency school closures list on the county council website in case the buildings can be re-opened early.

A county council spokesman said: 'The risk and insurance department historically has always issued advice regarding preventative action to be taken over the Christmas holidays. This information was re-issued earlier in December.'