Stunning aerial footage shows North Norfolk Railway journey at its best

The Black Prince travelling the Poppy Line. Picture: Joshua Paul Gardner.

The Black Prince travelling the Poppy Line. Picture: Joshua Paul Gardner. - Credit: Joshua Paul Gardner

Those who have visited the north Norfolk coastline will know that the scenery is second to none.

And many people, be they visitors or residents, have enjoyed the rolling hills and endless sea from the comfort of a heritage steam locomotive.

One such journey was captured by drone filmographer Joshua Paul Garnder.

The 23-year-old said: 'I filmed this on March 25. I had been planning these shots for some time now and really wanted to capture some footage of this amazing journey.

'I started off studying the timetable and planned each shot to the minute. I have to say; the railway is ran perfectly, which made my day much easier and never found myself waiting around!'

Mr Gardner, who grew up in Little Dunham, continued: 'I started off in Sheringham and knew I wanted to capture the cliffs, coastguard hut and the train all in one shot, the morning was overcast but I was really pleased with the look of the steam trails left behind from the train.'

He continued: 'It was then a pretty hectic day running up and down the railway line getting to each location and getting set up for each shot. I found the big pressure was that I only had one chance to get the shot I wanted, so couldn't afford to mess up if i was going to achieve everything in one day.

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'I was really pleased with how the slow motion footage turned out I have always found steam trains fascination and having the chance to fly along side one and to see it as work blew my mind.'

Mr Gardner filmed the Black Prince locomotive from Sheringham to Holt: 'I find the story of the railway fascinating we owe so much to the people who thought of this project, got it up and running and to all the wonderful volunteers who make it such a great experience for all to enjoy.'

The heritage railway's Poppy Line runs from Sheringham, through Weybourne and then on to Holt.

The journey also takes passengers through beauty spots such as Kelling Heath and Sheringham Park.

For more information about the railway, visit

Mr Gardner is also building his own video company, and is available for hire.

He can be contacted at