North Norfolk pupils take step back in time

Pupils from a north Norfolk have had a taste of school life in Victorian times.

Children from years four, five and six from Millfield Primary School in North Walsham, took part in a trip to Gressenhall workhouse and farm, with children and staff donning Victorian costumes to get into character for the day.

The school trip was part of the student's topic work on Victorians this term.

The children all took part in four different activities organised by Gressenhall, which included spending time working on the farm, discovering what the typical life of a child would have been working in the workhouse, working as a servant in the farmhouse and school life.

As well as participating in washing clothes, the children each had a turn in drawing up the cold water from the well and wringing out the washing using an authentic mangle.

During the school life lesson, the children participated in learning about the British Empire, using an abacus and reciting the time tables.

Dawn Price from the school, said: 'One of the highlights of the day was when the children enjoyed picking potatoes in the field, many of them stated that they would enjoy doing this all day.'

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