North Norfolk police warns drivers to stay vigilant

Cars travelling the "treacherous" B1145. Picture: Christon Illiffe

Cars travelling the "treacherous" B1145. Picture: Christon Illiffe - Credit: Christon Illiffe

The north Norfolk police has advised ongoing vigilance across the district despite there being no current road closures.

PC Peter Davison, who is the engagement officer at North Walsham Police Station, said: 'It hasn't been as bad as it could've been.

'Luckily we've had no major crashes or injuries but that's down to the majority of drivers driving according to conditions.'

PC Davison continued: 'We're still advising drivers to be very careful, as the main problem we're seeing now seeing is just people going out on the roads.

'They see a bit of cement, they increase their speed and then a snow drift hits them out of nowhere.

'Drivers just need to continue to watch their speed, watch their spacing between cars, and drive according to conditions.'

PC Davison added: 'No roads are blocked in north Norfolk now, all major routes are open. There are some cars abandoned on routes but they are all passable.

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'Some routes are also single lane instead of double laned.'

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