Former Emmerdale designer shows that men can also lose weight

Jim O' Hare, after, left, and before, his weight loss. Pictures: supplied by Jane Teil

Jim O' Hare, after, left, and before, his weight loss. Pictures: supplied by Jane Teil - Credit: Archant

A former art designer who worked on Emmerdale Farm, now just Emmerdale, has been named man of the year at a slimming club, after losing 3st.

Jim O'Hare, 77, weighed 16st 9lbs last August and had a 48-inch waist, but he has lost 3st in six months with Slimming World.

The grandfather-of-six, who lives in Frogshall, near Northrepps, said he was sick of being obese and needed to improve his health.

He said: 'Getting into the driving seat of the car my belly was against the steering wheel, and I would have to push the seat back a notch just to get some clearance to drive, but this caused me to stretch to reach the floor pedals.'

He wanted to lose weight but was confused as to where to start.

His salvation came when he saw a Slimming World van being unloaded.

His health has now improved, and he has been placed in the no-risk category for diabetes because of his weight loss.

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He added: 'After six months attending Slimming World I have lost 3st, but will continue to lose weight until I reach a respectable weight for my height.'

He admits that he does miss some of the food and drink he has given up.

He said: 'I cannot have dairy products and miss coffee, tea and cocoa - I feel like a Mormon. I'm not an ice cream man but I miss cheese, and you can only have one glass of wine, rather than, say, three.'

Slimming World consultant Jane Keil said: 'We see a lot of weight loss stories but mostly of women. I wanted to spread the word that weight loss is for men too and can change lives.

'Jim just received his 3st weight loss achievement certificate and was also awarded our 2018 Man of the year Award.'

Mr O'Hare worked for Yorkshire TV on Emmerdale Farm. He said: 'That was the days of shaky sets and frozen farms.'

He also worked for Irish TV as a art designer and then went freelance, working on the TV shows Heartbeat and Tales of the Unexpected, among others.