Norfolk artist uncovers Norfolk hills

A Norfolk artist has been investigating and uncovering Norfolk's hills as part of an arts project- using the EDP to help her along the way.

Norfolk artist Imogen Ashwin, who is based in Reepham, spent the day constructing a 'hill' on a high sheet of white paper, using only wallpaper paste and old copies of the Eastern Daily Press in the courtyard of Cromer Museum,

Ms Ashwin's current project Howe, supported by Arts Council England, is an exploration of the hill.

As part of the project, she has been collecting and archiving Norfolk hill names, and has so far amassed a database of over 360, although she says there are many other un-named ones, and she has not included those that repeat the name of the nearest village.

In preparation for the hill building at Cromer Museum, Ms Ashwin has been creating hill names using individual letters cut out of the Eastern Daily Press.

She said: 'I'm thinking about their significance in the landscape and the way their names hint of hidden histories and folklore – and in particular of the stories, winding over and within the hills, that might have been told around the fires of our Anglo-Saxon and Viking forebears.'

More information about Howe, including a growing gallery, may be found at