From Mr Parish to Mr Lines - meet the people whose names are perfect for their jobs

PUBLISHED: 12:04 28 March 2019 | UPDATED: 15:11 28 March 2019

Paul Lines, the fisherman. Picture: Nick Butcher

Paul Lines, the fisherman. Picture: Nick Butcher

For most councillors, it is easy for them to make it known when they are speaking for themselves and when they are speaking on behalf of a parish.

Terry Parish, the parish councillor.. Picture: Matthew Usher.Terry Parish, the parish councillor.. Picture: Matthew Usher.

However, for one of Norfolk’s parish councillors, this is far more difficult than most.

Independent West Norfolk councillor Terry Parish also sits on Heacham Parish Council, making him a parish councillor called Councillor Parish.

Mr Parish said: “As a parish councillor, being called Parish does have its moments. It doesn’t come up quite as much at borough level.

“It once came up at a planning hearing I was speaking at. I had said something and the inspector asked if I was speaking on behalf of my whole parish. I had to explain to him that Parish is my name.

“It got a chuckle out of the planning inspector at least - which doesn’t happen a lot.”

Mr Parish is just one example of people whose names aptly fit the bill for their roles. Another is Lowestoft-based Paul Lines, who has been a fisherman for 45 years ever since leaving school at 15.

He said: “I get it quite regularly but I think it’s quite funny myself. Although, these days I do tend to use pots and nets rather than lines.

“When I started the job all those years ago though, we would only use long lines.”

Mr Lines, 60, is the chairman of the Lowestoft Fish Market Alliance.

He added: “I used to work with two people whose names were Windows and Payne - they were fisherman too but it was quite funny they ended up working together. It’s a shame they didn’t set up a window cleaning business.”

Possibly the most perfect example of this is a postmaster by the name of Mr Stamp - however, he did not wish to speak about the link.

The county also has a knee surgeon called Phil Hopgood, a skin specialist called Eunice Tan and an orchard owner called Nina Plumbe - who specialises in plums.

However, not all names fit quite so well, demonstrated aptly by Baker’s of Norwich - a butcher stall on Norwich market.

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