New task force to tackle anti-social crime in north Norfolk

A new task force has been created aimed at combating anti-social behaviour and crime across north Norfolk.

The team is made up of people from North Norfolk District Council, Norfolk police and affordable housing provider, Victory Housing.

They will work together from Cromer police station, calling on the expertise local Safer Neighbourhood Teams, the fire service, trading standards and children's services, in a bid not only to tackle anti-social crimes with a focus on alcohol-related and violent crime including domestic abuse and hate crime offences, but also create better understanding and links between different communities and age groups in the district.

Sgt Sarah Blyth from Norfolk police, who is a member of the new team, said: 'The staff within the team are not new to each other as we have worked in partnership on a variety of issues for a number of years.

'However, previously the staff remained within our own respective organisations and covered a wider remit of issues to tackle.

'As a team in the same office, we will now have dedicated roles to deliver the partnership aims and will draw on our previous experience, expertise and many successes in driving down crime and anti-social behaviour.

'It is not just about policing, the focus of the team will also be on working with victims of crime and helping them.'

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The team will also be co-ordinating approaches to policing in north Norfolk for events such as Halloween and Christmas and New Year.

Community safety manager, Teri Munro who is one of the members of the new team and is from North Norfolk District Council, said: 'Working together in the same building means we will be able to focus specifically on our roles within the anti-social behaviour team.

'We are trying to build resilience within communities in north Norfolk, such as helping foster understanding between the different age groups and build relationships between them. This is about local solutions for local people.'

Mette Ohrvik, Head of Strategic Housing Services, Victory Housing Trust said: 'Victory are very excited about this new initiative and are looking forward to building on the existing strong working relationship with partners, so we can all continue to deliver high quality services which improve the lives of people living in North Norfolk.'

The new task force is part a county-wide initiative with other such groups being set up in districts across Norfolk.