New medical centre in Cromer ‘modelled on a World War Two control tower’

A computer generated image of the proposed new medical centre in Cromer. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

A computer generated image of the proposed new medical centre in Cromer. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

Readers voice their opinion on some of the stories making the headlines in the North Norfolk News over the past week.

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One of the stories attracting your comments this week was controversial cost-cutting plans from Norfolk County Council to axe the school crossing patrol at Cromer Junior School.

David Rowley said: 'The powers that be seem to spend huge amounts of money taking care of people in and from other countries while ignoring the needs of our own. The young children that go to British schools are the country's future and need protecting from their lack of knowledge, experience and their youthful exuberance.

'The lollipop personnel keep the children safe and many accidents have been avoided because of their presence. They do an excellent job. To remove them is showing a great lack of responsibility and care for the young people of our country. They should not be removed.'

Paul Radbourne agreed. He said: 'I was eywitness to an accident many years ago. We must ensure that such a thing can never happen again, especially with two of the three schools in the area now being on Norwich Road.'

Plans to build a new medical centre at Cabbell Park in Cromer was continuing to raise questions.

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Weaversway said: 'Does anybody know what thought (or provision) is being made for parking at the new medical centre? If it's free, which it should be, won't that encourage the present shoppers et al, including those at the hospital who at present do not want to pay the parking fee, to use this new facility?

'As many will know, the road outside is a nightmare, with buses meeting cars, where double parking makes for a mess. Just interested as to how this difficult problem is going to be addressed. Or has any thought been given to the matter? Answers, please, if you know.'

John Warner was more concerned with the building itself. He said: 'The new medical centre seems to be modelled on a World War Two control tower. It may be practical, but what an eyesore!'

Last week we splashed on the story about a bus stop in Mill Road, Cromer being used as a toilet and a row over whether to demolish it.

Paul Cuff said: 'Maybe if public toilets were kept open we may not have bus shelters used as toilets. Keep bus shelters for those who need them, especially in bad weather while waiting for a bus.'

Opinion remains split on whether McDonalds and Costa would be welcomed in Cromer as speculation mounts they move in to a building currently occupied by two charity shops.

Susan Archer said: 'Must never be allowed to happen, will kill our lovely town.'

Paul Radbourne said: 'You cannot freeze any community in time or you will kill it anyway. I've lived here all my life and seen many changes that were predicted to be harmful to the town and yet Cromer survived. It's not so long ago that people were saying we had too many charity shops!'

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