Man threw rocks through car windows in row with neighbour after flat was egged

A taxi driver was left out of pocket after a council staff blunder saw him miss out on three weeks o

A taxi driver was left out of pocket after a council staff blunder saw him miss out on three weeks of potential work. Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN - Credit: Archant

A dispute between neighbours ended with one man hurling rocks through the windows of a car after being 'tipped over the edge' when his property was egged.

Harry Spencer, 24, was seen by police smashing the windows of a silver Ford Focus in a communal car park at Coast Road in Bacton on October 13.

They had to tackle him to the ground to stop him charging at his neighbour, who he said was a "nasty guy", Norwich Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday.

Spencer admitted criminal damage when he appeared at court, but said he'd "had enough" of his neighbour.

Robyn Khan, prosecuting, told the court officers detained Spencer, of Coast Road, Bacton, as he was hurling rocks at the car.

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"As one rock was being thrown the officer managed to get a handcuff on the defendant's wrist, and as he did this the defendant was shouting at the victim through a window," she said.

"The officer performed a single handcuff take-down to prevent further damage. The victim was shouting and screaming at the defendant, and the defendant said to the officer 'I have had enough - there is only so much I can take'."

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As more officers arrived the victim came out of his flat and the defendant "broke free" and charged towards him, Ms Khan said.

Ms Khan said damage was thought to be around £1,000, as every glass panel on the car was smashed or cracked.

"It was noted the defendant's vehicle had had an egg thrown at it some time prior," she said. "In interview the defendant admitted the offences and stated he had lived in the same block of flats. Neighbours had issues with the victim with excess noise and various other issues."

Spencer said in interview his partner had told him his car had been egged and he suspected it was the victim.

Appearing unrepresented, Spencer told the court his neighbour had been standing on his roof smoking cannabis, which got through his vents. He had complained to the victim and his landlady, but nothing changed.

"It got to the point where I'd had enough," he said. "I spoke to him and he didn't stop."

He added: "After my flat was egged I was shouting for him to come down and he wouldn't. That's when I smashed his windows. It wasn't the right thing to do and I regret it. It was a silly thing to do. It just tipped me over the edge."

Spencer was fined £83 and made to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £32.

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