Neatishead and Barton Turf WI visit MP Norman Lamb in London

Neatishead and Barton Turf WI members toured the House of Commons before having a lively question and answer session with North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb.

The group of 36 which comprised members and their partners greatly enjoyed the trip. Organiser Jan Murphy said: 'it was a fantastic day out and a great opportunity to quiz Norman about constituency issues and his work here in Westminster.'

The group raised questions covering a wide range of topics, from the work of an MP, via the workings of the Coalition Government to local issues including the Kings Lynn incinerator. Discussion also included the economy and plans to tackle the deficit, the international aid budget and nuclear power - and even the quality of catering at the House of Commons, with Mr Lamb telling of having once spotted a mouse in the members' tearoom.

Mr Lamb said: 'It was a really interesting session and I hope the group enjoyed the visit. They posed some excellent questions, but it wasn't all serious!'

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