An alleged far-right fitness guru for a British group known as Patriotic Alternative has admitted sharing a stash of terrorist documents on social media.

Kristofer Thomas Kearney, 38, is originally from Liverpool but was based in Alicante before he was extradited from Spain to face charges last September.

On Wednesday, Kearney, who was known online as Charlie Big Potatoes, pleaded guilty to two offences of disseminating terrorist publications.

Kearney, who entered his plea at the Old Bailey by video link from Chelmsford prison, is believed to be the first member of Patriotic Alternative to be convicted of terrorist offences.

The offences related to two Telegram posts on January 23 and March 8 2021 which disseminated dozens of documents glorifying and encouraging extreme right-wing terror attacks.

Ged O’Connor, defending, told the court Kearney’s pleas were on the basis he was “reckless” as to whether the effect of his conduct was to encourage terrorism.

However, prosecutor Naomi Parsons told the court the Crown’s case was “consistent with intent”.

Judge Richard Marks KC said the issue of Kearney’s motivation would be decided at a two-day hearing on May 4 and 5 before he passes sentence.

Kearney is alleged to have created a Telegram channel entitled “Charlie Big Potatoes” in November 2020.

In 2021, he posted a numbered list and links to some 89 extreme right-wing documents.

Among them were the manifestos of Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people in Norway, and that of Brenton Tarrant, who killed 51 people at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Two other far-right extremist manifestos related to Texas Walmart mass killer Patrick Crusius and John Earnest, who shot people at a Californian synagogue in 2019.

Kearney’s motivation in making the terrorist material available was said to be in the context of his racist ideology and support for Patriotic Alternative, whose policies including deporting non-whites.

Previously, Kearney is said to have been an active member of neo-Nazi group National Action until a week before it was banned in December 2016 for glorifying the murder of MP Jo Cox.

He then switched to Patriotic Alternative, another extreme right-wing organisation that is not currently proscribed by Government, it is claimed.

It is believed he became “head of fitness” at Patriotic Alternative and regularly shared posts from its accounts such as White Lives Matter banners.

He also set up a channel called “Fascist Fitness” to hand out exercise and fitness tips.

Kearney, who spoke only to enter his guilty pleas, was remanded into custody until his next hearing at the Old Bailey.