Expect the unexpected at new seaside comedy show

Mundesley Players' comedy show Streuth & Deckchairs.Picture: Mundesley Players

Mundesley Players' comedy show Streuth & Deckchairs.Picture: Mundesley Players - Credit: Archant

Expect the unexpected is the tagline for Mundesley Players' new comedy show.

Streuth & Deckchairs will feature over the top acting, scenery toppling, and lights fusing, and will be at the Coronation Hall, Mundesley from August 1-3.

Chairperson Cheryl Collings said the actors were having great fun making things go so far wrong that it becomes a total farce.

She added: "I know that amateur theatre has this expectation of wobbly scenery and bad acting, but in this case, the problems are intended and are being pushed to the limit for laughs."

The evening's entertainment will also include three short individual 'Deckchair' plays. Set on a seafront in a fictional town remarkably like Mundesley, a series of odd characters discuss their lives and what naughty things they have been up to.

More information and tickets are available from Jupe in Station Road, Mundesley from July 8 and cost £8.

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