Motorists queue up to complain about Aylsham road works

Road works is Aylsham are expected to last three months. Picture: Ally McGilvray

Road works is Aylsham are expected to last three months. Picture: Ally McGilvray - Credit: Archant

Work has begun on the construction of a new roundabout at a 'dangerous' junction - paving the way for a new filling station.

Motorists are being warned they face three months of disruption in Aylsham as work gets underway to improve road safety at one of the town's busiest junctions.

Norfolk County Council confirmed it plans to replace the crossroads at the junction of the A140 bypass and the town's Burgh Road with a new roundabout.

It follows concerns over an increase in traffic with the development of hundreds of new homes in the town.

The £575,000 project, which is being funded by David Wilson Homes, will be carried out by Norfolk County Council's Community and Environmental Services Department and their contractors.

But motorists are already queuing up to complain.

Commenting on the story on our Facebook page, Neal Cumming said: 'There were no advanced warning notices put up that the road from A140 toward Burgh Next Aylsham would be closed at this junction. and yet they have have just closed it for what appears to be no reason what so ever. Perhaps they could only afford three way lights rather that a set of four way lights?'

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Lewis Cook said: 'I'm guessing the centre of Aylsham will be packed even more with users using it as a rat run from industrial estate turn through town to the roundabout. God help Red Lion Street when the school's close.'

Lisa Harris said: 'Doesn't help that the other end of Burgh Road is still shut, looks like someone didn't get any common sense for Christmas.'

Paul Taylor said: 'I can't understand the council letting them do this its stupid to have traffic lights 1 end and the other shut.'

Not everyone was annoyed. Diane Wymer said: 'There is no pleasing some people, ever heard the saying: 'You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs?' People moan there is no garage! People moan the junction is dangerous. Do you think the garage and roundabout will appear over night? Get a grip people and chill out, what's a few weeks disruption, for the end result? Just take a different route or prepare to be held up a bit. Bet you will all be pleased when it's done.'

Claire Thrower said: 'It's three months, yes a pain in the bum, but I bet most of you moaning on here will use the garage and M&S when it opens as it will save you having to go to city or Roughton to get fuel. Imagine the queues on main road if it was four way lights, it would be worse than they are now. So unfortunately suck it up and get on with it, three months will soon pass.'

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