Mosaics at Coltishall reflect Guiding history

Ten mosaics reflecting the county's rich Girlguiding history have been specially commissioned to ensure the past year of centenary celebrations leave a lasting legacy.

The designs, created by artist Joy Holden, were chosen by the movements' 8,000 Norfolk members and have taken three years to be completed.

They were on display for the first time yesterday at a harvest tea event at Patteson Lodge, the group's activity centre in Coltishall.

One mosaic features an image of Britannia, which has been Norfolk's county badge since 1923 and the only one in the UK with a military design.

Others include the first Brownie promise badge, the Guide promise badge, and the poppy patrol badge which is still used by some Guide groups in Norfolk today.

Girlguiding Norfolk's county commissioner Helen Green said the girls came up with the idea for the mosaics when they first began planning for the 100-year celebrations.

From 20 suggested designs, every member of the movement in Norfolk was asked to vote for their favourites and 10 have now been made.

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She said: 'We wanted something permanent that would be a nice record of celebrating our centenary and some kind of mark of the past 100 years.

'This is very special and it's going to last forever.'

It is hoped the mosaics will remain on show on buildings, trees and in camp fire clearings at Patteson Lodge for many years to come to remind members of the centenary celebrations.

A trail, using Girlguiding Norfolk clues, is set to be created to lead visitors around them all.

The county commissioner said one would also be placed in the ARC - Archive Resource Centre - which the group hopes to build at Coltishall.

Fundraising has already begun to find the �300,000 needed for the project. It would store thousands of items from photos and films to badges and blazers.

At the centre of the building there would be a large room where Brownies, Guides and members of the public could take parts of the collection to have a look.

They would also include a number of items, including DVDs and photographs, collected during the centenary year. Mrs Green said: 'It's been a year of amazing memories. We want to gather them together and keep them.'

To help with fundraising, contact the Girlguiding Norfolk county office at Eaton Vale, Church Lane, Eaton, Norwich, NR4 6NN, or email