Dog owner thanks mystery newlyweds for pet chihuahua’s safe return

Jean Pearce with her four-year-old dog, Millie. Picture: MAURICE GRAY

Jean Pearce with her four-year-old dog, Millie. Picture: MAURICE GRAY - Credit: Archant

A dog owner has paid a heartfelt thank you to the mystery newlyweds who helped to rescue her dog after it ran away in north Norfolk.

Jean Pearce, who had recently adopted the Chihuahua named Millie, explained how the four-year-old canine became frightened after a larger dog "spooked" her during her first trial walk.

Mrs Pearce had only had her for 24 hours previously and decided to help Millie gain confidence by taking her for a short walk along a quiet road in Walcott.

She said: "That's when a very large dog lurched at Millie."

The Walcott resident, who is in her seventies, was unable to control Millie because she was in a mobility vehicle and lost grip of the dog's lead.

"It was frightening," she said. "I saw her run across the road with her lead still attached in the direction of the Ostend Road at about 1.30pm."

Family and friends got together to help in the search, while her niece, Christine, immediately contacted Facebook groups to make local people aware.

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And while Mrs Pearce was being comforted by her loved ones, she was still worried that being a small dog, Millie would get her lead tangled on brambles or get hurt.

Meanwhile, just over two miles away, a young couple were celebrating their recent marriage and staying at the Manor Caravan Park, in Happisburgh.

While out walking, they spotted what they thought was a small fox running across an adjacent field but soon realised it must be a very small dog.

With the help of another couple, they managed to rescue the pup.

Next they visited the Hill House Inn to ask its owners Clive and Sue Stockton for advice and details of their local Facebook group. This way, they were able to get details of Millie's owner.

Mrs Pearce then was driven to Happisburgh to collect her pet and said she was "so very grateful for everyone's help and kindness" - including the recently married couple, who remain anonymous and continued on their honeymoon.

Mrs Pearce added: "Everybody were so helpful and I have to thank them all in finding 'my Millie'."