Millfield Primary School, North Walsham, stars prove ‘they can do it’

Children belonging to the Millfield Stars' Drama Club staged a thought-provoking performance for fellow pupils, parents and governors with a play entitled Three Little Words.

Written and directed by Dawn Price, it dealt with ambition and drive, part of the North Walsham school's ethos.

The play started with the story of a schoolgirl who was being ridiculed because of what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her mother read a bedtime story about a caterpillar scared to live her dream and become a butterfly, in case she was not good enough. She overcame her fear with help from friends. The scene moved to a classroom where a teacher asked the children to discuss what they would have to do to achieve their goals. Answers included working really hard at school and gaining a good knowledge of maths and English, working well with others, being kind and self-belief.

The teacher asked :'Can you do it?' and the answer from all except a girl being teased was 'Yes we can!' The scene closed with the teased girl finding the confidence to believe in her dreams.

The children gave a colourful and energetic dance performance to Katy Perry's Firework song, with Daisy Kerry singing along to the track.

A final scene showed a class reunion some 20 years later where Jodie Weller, in Year Six, played the adult version of the teased girl who came back as a famous singer and sang Jesse J's song Price Tag, accompanied by all the children dancing.

Afterwards some of the cast quizzed fellow pupils on what they wanted to be when they grew up and asked: 'Can you do it?' Their response was 'Yes we can!'

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'All of the children were absolutely amazing. They had shown great determination in doing their best and worked really well together,' said Mrs Price. 'I couldn't have asked for more. I'm so proud of them and I can't wait for next year.'