Despite losing his dentures next to a Dalek, Percy Podger came away from Sixties Festival with a smile

Action from the sixties weekend in Cromer. PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood

Action from the sixties weekend in Cromer. PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood - Credit: Archant

What an exceptional weekend my wife, Patricia, and I had in beautiful Cromer.

The Sixties Festival was joyful, and many a photograph we snapped in the glorious sunshine.

Unfortunately, there was a slight downside to our visit, which occurred when the lifeboat was launched just after 11am.

After capturing my wife next to the Dalek, I dashed to the edge of the pier to snap away when all of a sudden, after a great surge of excitement, out flew my false teeth down into the North Sea!

It was still a jubilant stay, although it shall cost me more than I had hoped! But let this be a warning to those who become excited whilst wearing dentures!

Nonetheless moments like this home themselves in one's memory forever and I'm sure it'll raise a few giggles.

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Thank you Cromer for a fabulous time. We look forward to our next visit.


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