Watch: Is graffiti on Norfolk beach vandalism or a work of art?

Waxham beach row over graffiti. Picture: Paula Eding

Waxham beach row over graffiti. Picture: Paula Eding - Credit: Archant

A group of women that daubed graffiti on sea walls at a Norfolk beach have been shamed on social media.

Paula Eding, who was enjoying some free time on Waxham beach in the north of the county, posted a video of the incident on Facebook.

In the video someone can be heard saying that they 'disapprove' of what the women are doing and adding that it was 'disgusting'.

An angry Paula Eding said: 'The woman in the black costume holding an aerosol can is English, the others were foreign as she was explaining why we were annoyed. She tells us many years ago they did something there and it got covered up (where the white on the concrete is).

'Absolutely disgusting to deface our coastline.

'Feel free to share this far and wide. Any coastline/nature groups you belong too.'

George Eding added on Facebook: 'They said what they were doing was innocuous. They cannot hide under the excuse they were artists. Clearly they are just vandals.'

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