Town council offers money to those in need during lockdown

Sheringham town mayor Madeleine Ashcroft. Photo: Karen Bethell

Sheringham town mayor Madeleine Ashcroft. Photo: Karen Bethell - Credit: Archant

Sums of either £50 or £100 to spend on essentials are being made available to Sheringham residents who need them during the coronavirus lockdown.

Sheringham Town Council (STC) has launched a ‘Covid-19 Relief Fund’ to provide cards for either Tesco or Sainsbury’s

Madeleine Ashcroft, mayor, said it was hoped the money, which has to be paid back, would benefit 100-200 people.

She said: “As well as the profound health implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis, there has also been an economic impact, the combined effect being that some Sheringham residents may be unable to access cash, cash points, banks or post office accounts for a significant period of time.

“Some residents ‘shielding’ or self-isolating may now need a new means to use or to pass to volunteers such that basic provisions can be purchased.

“This is not something STC would normally undertake, but like some other town councils, STC has agreed at this exceptional time the fund could offer some very necessary support.

“However, it must be recognised that the fund is drawn by STC from the public purse and as such there has to be an understanding the full value of the card has to be repaid.

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“Any ineligible or unsuccessful applications for this Fund will be directed by STC to the NNDC Hub who will be well placed to give further guidance on other possible sources of support.”

Mrs Ashcroft added: “STC is offering all Sheringham church, charity and voluntary groups the opportunity to contact STC and clarify any detail as to how the fund will work.

“It is expected the fund will be available later this week, or early next week and promoting the fund will be open to all Sheringham church, charity and voluntary groups with the aim we work together to help support any Sheringham resident in particular need during this Covid-19 crisis.”

To apply, call the town council on 01263 822213 or 07423 677192.