Second beach wheelchair arrives on north Norfolk coast

A beach wheelchair on Cromer beach.

A beach wheelchair on Cromer beach. - Credit: North Norfolk District Council

People have travelled far and wide to make use of a second available-for-hire beach wheelchair on the north Norfolk coast, following the success of the first one at Cromer

The new wheelchair arrived at Sheringham West beach this week, and like its counterpart, can be brought into the water thanks to its large pneumatic wheels.

Emma Spagnola, Liberal Democrat candidate for Suffield Park in the 2019 North Norfolk District Counc

Councillor Emma Spagnola, who represents Suffield Park ward in Cromer. - Credit: Archant

“It’s something that I’ve been speaking to the district council about since becoming a councillor,” said Emma Spagnola, who represents Suffield Park in Cromer. 

“At that time, my grandmother was alive, and she said to me when I was telling her about it - she was in her late 80s - ‘What I would give just to put my feet in the sea one more time.’” 

“It’s going to make a huge amount of difference to hopefully mainly the locals who need it,” she added.

Ms Spagnola said in a tweet people had travelled from as far as Cambridge and Peterborough to make use of the Cromer chair, which had made her morning and brought a tear to her eye.