Second World War army canteen could become holiday homes for people with disabilties

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Looking out across the marshes at the end of Green Way in Stiffkey, north Norfolk. Plans have been drawn up to turn a former Second World War army camp nearby into four accommodation units for people with disabilities.   - Credit: Archant

Plans have been drawn up to turn a former Second World War army canteen into holiday accommodation for people with disabilities. 

But North Norfolk District Council officers have recommended the scheme be rejected because of the lack of pedestrian and wheelchair access, as well as other concerns. 

LG Harrison and Son of Stiffkey has applied to convert the buildings off Greenway in Stiffkey into four holiday units. 

The application to the council says: "We believe that it is important to preserve these buildings that are an important part of the WWII history of North Norfolk."

However a Blakeney resident has objected to the plans, saying: "I would question the claimed historical merits and significance of the utilitarian buildings which were erected as temporary facilities in the Second World War.

"The buildings are of no value and detract from the true history and significance of this special part of our coastline which is renowned and valued for its sense of remoteness, natural beauty and tranquility."

The council's development committee is due to consider the scheme on December 10