Mourners urged to remove prohibited items from graves in Cromer


Mourners are being urged to remove prohibited items from graves in Cromer

Families and friends of those who are buried in Cromer Cemetery are being encouraged to remove any unauthorised items from graves before they are disposed of by the council.

Cromer Town Council has not inspected graves in the cemetery off Holt Road for the past 18 months due to the pandemic.

Now, in light of an "increasing number of unauthorised items" on graves and an upcoming inspection, people are being asked to remove prohibited items before they are thrown away.

Among the items not allowed on graves are breakable items and anything which emits light, sound or movement.

On cremation plots, only flowers in inset vases and Christmas wreaths and flowers laid immediately after the interment of ashes is allowed.

Christmas wreaths are only allowed during the festive period and must be removed but the end of February.

The upcoming inspection will take place in the autumn, any unauthorised items which are removed will be labelled and stored for 18 months in order for people to collect.