Paddleboarder rescued a mile off-shore by using What3Words


The paddle boarder was found a mile off-shore by the lifeboat crew - Credit: Mundesley Lifeboat

A paddleboarder stranded a mile off the coast of east Norfolk used a locator app to make sure a lifeboat was able to swiftly bring her back to shore.

On Tuesday, a woman got into difficulties while paddleboarding off the coast of Bacton beach.

Mundesley Lifeboat was launched after being alerted to her plight by the Coastguard in Humber.

And the crew was immediately able to get to her aid because of the resourceful way the woman had reported her troubles.

A spokesman for the crew said she had used the mobile locator app What3Words to tell her rescuers exactly where she was.

She was then assessed and returned safely to shore and the Bacton Coastguard.

Dave Francis, Coxswain of Mundesley Lifeboat, said: “It was very fortunate that this lady had her phone with her and was able to use the What3Words app as there was a strong offshore wind blowing and locating her quickly was essential.”

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What3Words is an app that can be used to identify any location in the world using a unique combination of three words for every three-metre square of the planet.