LETTER: ‘Holt needs a reality check’

Holt's town centre. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

Holt's town centre. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

Reader Nicky Sadler argues that it does not 'grasp the needs' of its local community.

Holt is a town full of expensive shops which act as a facade for an inaccurate representation of the town. Holt was featured on BBC One documentary a few years ago looking at levels of poverty in the town.

The fact which sticks in my mind is that one in three kids live below the breadline in Holt.

Holt needs a reality check. So what if Princess Kate shopped in Baker's and bought a coffee from Byfords, slim chance it will happen again. Holt needs shops which cater for demand, the demand being affordability.

Holt first needs a decent supermarket. Tesco didn't ruin Sheringham, if anything it has enhanced it.

Secure jobs with potential progression and affordability for all demographics (guarantee you a basket of shopping from Budgens and Baker's food hall is shockingly more expensive than Tesco or any other supermarket).

Savers is an excellent discount store which sells all sorts of fantastically priced products for all demographics. Again I'm more than convinced this sort of store would only benefit Holt.

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Lastly an affordable clothes shop, people shouldn't have to drive a 50-mile round trip to buy clothes or carry it all back on a two-hour bus journey from Norwich.

M and Co or something similar would be suffice.

I have worked in retail management for almost 10 years in the local area and have seen Sheringham, Cromer and surrounding towns develop yet Holt hasn't.

It doesn't seem to grasp the needs and wants from their local community.


Cromer Road


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