Law-breaking cyclists targeted by North Walsham police

Police are clamping down on cyclists who illegally ride on pavements in North Walsham.

Officers pledged to crackdown on the issue after hearing residents' concerns about how unsafe they felt when walking on the pavements at the latest Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting held last month.

Already officers have stopped 24 cyclists across the town including along Lyngate Road, New Road, Brick Kiln Road, Park Road, Market Place, Mundesley Road, Market Street and Happisburgh Road.

All offending cyclists were given words of advice on issues ranging from using lights when riding in the dark to mounting the pavement to avoid a red light.

Police Community Support Officer Lucy Collyer said: "As the issue has been made a neighbourhood priority, it means North Walsham SNT will be stopping all cyclists caught riding on the pavement and giving words of advice.

"Where necessary, cyclists who contravene the law by persistently cycling on public footpaths and in pedestrian areas, a �30 fixed penalty notice can be given.

"Residents should be reassured that we have listened to their concerns and are currently taking action to address them".

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Cyclists are being asked to be considerate to pedestrians by cycling on the road, to use designated cycle paths where available, ensure cycles are not defective, and use lights in the dark or in reduced visibility.