Labour leader Ed Miliband praises north Norfolk ambulance campaign

The leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband has recognised the importance of the Act On Ambulances campaign, organised by North Norfolk Labour Party, at this week's party conference.

Mr Miliband spoke to campaigners about its importance and deputy party chairman MP Tom Watson told party delegates that the campaign and petition was an excellent example of good campaigning within the community.

North Norfolk Labour's chairman Denise Burke, vice-chairman Stephen Burke, and press officer Jono Read took to the stage on Sunday to collect an award for their efforts.

Last week the campaigners handed in a 6500-signature petition and met with Hayden Newton who pledged to spend this week rethinking the remaining cuts to the ambulance service in North Walsham.

The East of England Ambulance Service Trust have said these talks are on-going and that the party will be alerted to any outcomes as soon as those meetings finish.

? The petition and campaign continues at