Holiday park welcomes new litter of endangered red squirrel kittens

Red squirrel at Kelling Heath holiday park.

An adult red squirrel at Kelling Heath Holiday Park, which is taking part in a breeding programme for the endangered species. - Credit: Kelling Heath Holiday Park

A holiday park in north Norfolk has welcomed a new litter of endangered red squirrels.

The four kittens are the first to be born at Kelling Heath since 2019 and they emerged from their nest box last month.

The park, near Weybourne, has now bred 38 red squirrel kittens since joining a national conservation programme in 1999 as part of a scheme for captive breeding set up to protect the species.

David Martin, countryside manager at the holiday park, said: "A litter of four is incredibly rare for us and it is a privilege to watch them thrive."

male sq kelling 27/9/12

A male red squirrel kitten at Kelling Heath holiday park. - Credit: Kelling Heath Holiday Park

The kittens will stay at Kelling Heath or, when ready, will be released to a nationwide conservation partner to help boost native populations across the UK

Kelling Heath was one of the last places in Norfolk that red squirrels called home before they disappeared from the region over 40 years ago due to competition for food with the American grey squirrel.