'We are so luck to have such wildlife' Q&A with Kat Tate

Kat Tate with a feathered friend at Wild Touch animal rescue at Ridlington. 

Kat Tate with a feathered friend at Wild Touch animal rescue at Ridlington. - Credit: Supplied

People in our community are offering us a window into their lives and love of north Norfolk. This week we chat to Kat Tate, 36, from Ridlington.

1. How would you best describe your job or role in the community?

I work in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation at Wild Touch in Walcott. I help manage and run our busy wildlife hospital and also try and keep an online presence so I can help direct other people around the county and country to their local wildlife facility. 

We’ve taken in almost 800 admissions so far and lots of them are local people who have found injured animals on the beaches here or the roads.

Young birds rescued by Wild Touch.

Young birds rescued by Wild Touch. - Credit: Supplied by Wild Touch


2. How long have you lived in Ridlington?

Have lived in Norfolk all my life but always visited north Norfolk on days off or holidays. I finally moved from Norwich six years ago. 

I’ve only lived in the village for four years when I decided to move on site at the rescue centre to help enable there to be a staff member at all times. I feel incredibly lucky to be living here. 

3. What is your favourite landmark in north Norfolk?

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Cromer Pier is always a favourite for me. You can capture some beautiful sunsets and sunrises from it and it’s always fun to take a bit of food and feed the starlings that seem to be quite comfortable with human presence. 

Sunrise at Cromer Pier on Bank Holiday Monday

Sunrise at Cromer Pier - Credit: iwitness24/Paul Mills

4. What is your favourite pub?

The Poachers Pocket in Walcott. Especially in the summer, when you can sit next to the beach looking out to the sea with a nice cold drink! 

5. Which shops do you rely on?

We rely on our local Tesco and Sainsbury’s, but we do try and support small local businesses where we can. 

6. What is your favourite place to eat out?

The Nelson Head pub in Horsey Gap. I’ve always had delicious meals there and I can often sit outside and eat whilst watching the swallows and swift’s building nests and catching bugs in the air overhead. 

Nelson Head, Horsey

Nelson Head, Horsey - Credit: Archant

7. What is a perfect day in north Norfolk for you?

Warm and blue skies, either at the beach or walking through one of our beautiful woodland areas, followed by maybe some bird watching at one of the nature reserved and then sat to watch one of our stunning Norfolk sunsets.

8. Which places in north Norfolk would you recommend to visitors? 

Cley and Salthouse marshes. It’s absolutely breathtaking in both summer and winter, with plenty of wildlife and plants to be found. It’s one of my favourite places to go. 

Norfolk Wildlife Trust's first nature reserve at Cley Marshes

Norfolk Wildlife Trust's first nature reserve at Cley Marshes - Credit: Richard Osbourne

9. Who is your north Norfolk hero?

There’s no one person in particular, but all of our wildlife rescues we are lucky enough to have, and all the hard working people who enable north Norfolk to be one of the most diverse areas for nature. We are so lucky to have so much wildlife flourishing on our doorstep.

10. What do you most love about north Norfolk?

We have amazing sunsets, and our landscape makes it incredibly photogenic. 

*Wild Touch wildlife rescue has appealed for anyone interested to join its team of volunteers, call 07765 345441, or visit their Facebook page to find out more. 

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