‘It’s like a zombie apocalypse’ - readers react to lockdown in North Norfolk following weekend of disturbances

There has been a high visibility police presence in Cromer and Sheringham, including here at Runton

There has been a high visibility police presence in Cromer and Sheringham, including here at Runton Road car park. Picture: Ally McGilvray - Credit: Archant

It was supposed to be one of the busiest weeks of the year in North Norfolk.

Cromer was buzzing as its annual Carnival came to a close on Friday night.

But a series of events, none of which have been linked, has changed the mood in the town.

Businesses along the coast have gone into lockdown amid fears for public safety after disturbances broke out.

They coincided with the arrival of a group of travellers who have set up a makeshift camp in the middle of one of Runton Road car park.

Police are also investigating the alleged rape of a teenager at Cromer bus station.

Commenting on the events on our social media page, Thain Flett said: 'It's like a zombie apocalypse.'

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Denise Dixon said: 'Last night (Friday) pubs were trashed. Cromer, Sheringham, Runton and Overstrand would not go on lock down for no reason, particularly as it's the busiest week of the year. First time ever I've felt unsafe in our beautiful sun spot!'

Daniel Hickling said: 'I for one am £950 down in stolen stock in one day! More than in my 17 years of trading.'

Maysie Man said: 'In all the years I have been Cromer, I have never felt intimated but the atmosphere in town tonight was eerie. Where was the police? What are we paying our council tax for??!!?! Is the Norfolk Police Commissioner going to make a statement about how 100 thugs have closed down the North Norfolk economy?'

Michelle Howell said: 'How do they rate it as low level when all the locals are being told to stay in and lock the doors and all the shops and pubs have closed?'

Marco Norman said: 'Low level is a good Friday night? This is bleeding anarchy! Anarchy is lawlessness.'

Barbara Stewart Such a shame, love Cromer. Had many happy holidays there over the years and always felt safe whatever time of day or night.'

Zoe Davis said: 'I've just come from the Crown in Sheringham, we all just got kicked out because they are closing. The other pubs and also arcades shut too.'

Simon Hyde said: 'Guarding my caravan at campsite. No night out or take away.'

Tasha Marie Byram said: 'Be careful out in Sheringham! All shops been told to lock up and go home quickly.'

Shaun Gibson said: 'Why don't they say terrorists and be done with it? Seems to be the trend nowadays. I'm gonna stockpile food and water and put sandbags by the door.'

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