Around 150 homes and a 60-bed care home could be built between the golf course and woodland in Cromer. 

Cheshire-based developer Gladman has drawn up plans for a 6.35-hectare plot between Overstrand and Northrepps roads.

Cromer people had the chance to find out more about the proposal during an information session run by Gladman at Suffield Park Bowls Club on Tuesday (December 6). 

North Norfolk News: An illustration from Gladman's documents of how the site in Cromer could be laid outAn illustration from Gladman's documents of how the site in Cromer could be laid out (Image: Gladman)

Emma Spagnola, North Norfolk district councillor and deputy mayor for the town, said some concerns had been raised, but that most people seemed positive about the idea. 

Ms Spagnola said: “It was mostly positive. Most of the upset was with regards to the height of the houses - they were talking about possibly three-storey houses.

“Another bone of contention was that the care home access would come out onto Northrepps Road, which is about 50 yards from a junction and on a bend. 

“There is a lot of traffic going up this small road, and there’s been several near misses there.”

Ms Spagnola, who represents Suffield Park ward on the district council, said she had only spoken to two people who totally opposed the scheme.

She added: “Everyone else was quite realistic; we know it’s probably going to happen.”

However, Ms Spagnola criticised the short notice of the consultation.

She only received a leaflet through her letterbox on Tuesday morning - and has called for Gladman to host another. 

Gladman is the same firm behind a successful 2021 appeal to the Planning Inspectorate for permission to build 100 homes off Beresford Road in Holt.

But that scheme has not yet gone ahead, and the developer is yet to apply for permission for its Overstrand Road estate

Gladman says the housing part of the scheme would be accessed from Overstrand Road, opposite the Royal Cromer Golf Club.

The estate would feature tree-lined main streets and a ‘greenway’ footpath linking to the golf club entrance, from where a public right-of-way leads to the seaside cliffs. 

Existing woodland would be kept along the site’s southern boundary. The neighbouring Oak Hill Wood is thought to be part of an important flight path for barbastelle bats. 

The developer has been contacted for comment.

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