Honing book proves popular

A new publication which has been compiled from the memories of local people in Honing is proving popular.

Honing Village Voices, edited by William Turner, provides an insight into life in the village from the turn of the 20th century.

With contributions from more than 35 residents, both past and present, the book has 200 pages and a selection of more than 100 photographs recalling life in Honing more than half a century ago.

Amongst the memories are recollections of school days and the frozen milk for break in winter mornings, fishing in the river and Honing lock, lack of running water and sanitation, harvest and food shortages during wartime.

The launch of the book was celebrated in May at Honing Village Hall as 50 people, many of them contributors to the book, gathered to reminisce over tea and cake.

Mr Turner said: 'Since its launch on Honing Village Voices has been enthusiastically received not only by those residents of the village, but by the many who have left its environs for pastures new. From the feedback, copies of the book will be finding their way to Australia, the USA and even Peru.'

The first print run has now sold out and a further print run has been ordered with availability from around July 7.

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Honing Village Voices can be ordered/collected from Sheila Dunning on 01692 536327 or William Turner on 01553 672266.