Watch: Infant hedgehog feasts after rescue - but this story has a sad ending

A young hoglet feasts on cat food after she was found at a caravan site in Wells, Norfolk. Picture:

A young hoglet feasts on cat food after she was found at a caravan site in Wells, Norfolk. Picture: Seal and Shore Watch - Credit: Archant

This is the moment a baby hedgehog was able to feast on a plate of cat food after she was rescued.

The animal, which weighed just 100g and was only three or four weeks old, was found at a caravan site in Wells on the north Norfolk coast on Saturday, August 24.

The family which found the hoglet called Hedgehog Haven in North Walsham, who then called in Seal and Shore Watch.

A Seal and Shore Watch spokeswoman said: "We were able to send two marine medics, Ron Morris and Tracey Kerr, and a marine first responder, Ella Morris.

"After about half an hour they were able to find the little mite, because the family that found her had to leave the site by that point.

"Ella was then able to get the fly mites and the ticks off her body and gave her a little bit of water and a bit of cat food."

The spokeswoman said the hedgehog was then named Ella, as the first responder had done such a good job looking after her, and the animal was then relayed to the haven in North Walsham.

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But despite the haven's best efforts, the spokeswoman said Ella sadly died on Monday evening, probably because she had ingested weed killer while in Wells.

She said weed killer was to blame for many hedgehog deaths.

She said: "That's why there has been a big decline in hedgehog numbers in some areas."

What to do if you find a hedgehog

The Seal and Shore Watch spokesman said it was not normal to see hedgehogs during the day, as they were primarily nocturnal animals.

He said that if someone saw a hedgehog out and about they could be poorly or in danger, and they should:

-Contact a hedgehog centre, such as Hedgehog Haven in North Walsham.

-Otherwise, contact a vet.

-Use a towel to pick up the hedgehog and put it in a box with some water.

-People can also help hedgehogs survive the hot weather by leaving bowls of water for them in their garden, in case they passed by.