Neighbouring Tescos band together to purchase lifesaving device

Sheringham Community First Responders

Neighbouring Tesco stores have banded together to buy a new defibrillator for Sheringham Community First Responders. - Credit: Tesco

A number of neighbouring Tesco stores have joined forces to buy a lifesaving device for Sheringham Community First Responders.

The group's current defibrillator is more than 14 years old and following a Facebook post from former deputy mayor Liz Withington, Tesco branches from around East Anglia raised £1,200 to fund the new equipment.

Sheringham Community First Responders and Tesco

Nathan Liberman, of Sheringham First Responders, with Nick Smits, manager of Tesco Sheringham. - Credit: Tesco

Since 2007, Sheringham Community First Responders (CFRs) have been responding to 999 calls on behalf of the East of England Ambulance Service across the town and surrounding areas.

Nathan Liberman, one of the CFRs, said: “We are delighted to have received the money and would like to thank everyone at Tesco. It’s great to see multiple stores band together to help fund what is a much needed and lifesaving piece of equipment.”

Nick Smits, manager at Tesco Sheringham, said: “We are proud to support the Sheringham community with this vital piece of equipment.”