Health and safety advice for small businesses in north Norfolk

A service to help businesses comply with health and safety legislation is being run again this year.

Councils across Norfolk have combined to run the Safer Workplace Better Business initiative.

A website, created by North Norfolk District Council on behalf of the partnership, provides small and medium-sized businesses with useful advice and simple ideas and resources.

It follows a successful pilot scheme last year that also fond that businesses also became more efficient as they became more aware of health and safety.

The scheme has been designed especially for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, retailers, public houses and small hotels with between five and 15 employees.

The website provides templates and a variety of resources for businesses to use, covering things like how to carry out a risk assessment, gas safety, how to deal with asbestos, fire risks and working safely with electricity.

Visit the SWBB website on or contact North Norfolk District Council's environmental health department. The advice and guidance is also available in printed packs or on a CD.

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