School closed its doors for three days after Covid outbreak

Fred de Falbe, headmaster of Beeston Hall School. 

Fred de Falbe, headmaster of Beeston Hall School. - Credit: Submitted

A north Norfolk school closed its doors for three days following an outbreak of coronavirus.

Beeston Hall School, which teaches pupils at primary level and up to Year 8, was closed from November 24 to 26 as a "firebreak" after three staff members and five children tested positive. 

Headmaster, Fred de Falbe, said classes went online during the firebreak. 

Mr de Falbe said: "The move was successful and there have been no new cases since the children returned to schooling on site on November 27."

He said the school had carried out a survey of its parents, who had supported the action unanimously. 

Mr de Falbe said: "All of the feedback was outstanding. One such comment read: ‘decisive measures were taken early, clearly with forethought and planning in regard to welfare of the pupils and continuity of education.

"'Communication from the school has been excellent from the management team and the year tutors.

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"'The school has made full use of online learning technologies, offering devices where needed, and drawing upon a good mix of interactive and task-based exercises'."