School wins 'eco' status after seven months

Gresham's pupils with their new Eco-Schools flag.

Gresham's pupils with their new Eco-Schools flag. - Credit: Gresham's School

Boosting environmental awareness through talks and activities has led to Gresham's School in Holt achieving an 'Eco-Schools Gold Award'.

Pupils formed a group called 'Team Eco' to champion environmental change at the school in order to receive the award, which is handed out by the charity Keep Britain Tidy. 

A school spokesman said: "The initiatives included the ‘Turn It Off’ competition, which challenged pupils to save as much electricity as possible by turning off lights and electrical appliances within the boarding houses.

"In total the school saved 146.21 KWh which is approximately £23.80. If continued at this rate, the school could considerably reduce energy consumption and save over £700 per school year."

Pupils also took part in a scavenger hunt, finding items placed in 'environmentally-friendly' places including solar panels and double-glazed windows. 

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The school began working towards the gold award last October in a process that normally lasts two years but took Gresham's just seven months. 

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