New Green candidate says most people are wrong about our biggest challenge

Mark Taylor, the Green Party's prospective parliamentary candidate for the North Norfolk constituenc

Mark Taylor, the Green Party's prospective parliamentary candidate for the North Norfolk constituency. Picture: Supplied by Mark Taylor - Credit: Archant

The Green Party has appointed a new candidate for the North Norfolk constituency, and he says most people are wrong on what the biggest issue of the day is.

Mark Taylor, who lives in Sustead, said: "I believe the biggest issue of our time is climate change - it's not Brexit, as many people think.

"At the moment our country is run on a monetary capitalist economy, which is working for some, but it's certainly not working for the environment."

Mr Taylor took over the Green's candidacy for the seat from Mike Macartney-Filgate.

Mr Taylor owns a Cambridgeshire-based environmentally friendly cleaning firm, and is studying for a masters in environmental and climate science at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

He gives free talks and educational seminars across the county about the science of global warming, and took part in the day of climate protests on Friday in Norwich, along with his three daughters, who attend the UEA, Sheringham High School and Gresham Village School.

He has lived in north Norfolk with his wife, Amy, since 2012.

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In an upcoming election he would face Karen Ward of the Liberal Democrats, Duncan Baker of the Conservatives and Harry Gwynne of the Brexit Party. Labour has not yet announced a candidate for the seat.

Mr Taylor said if elected, he would aim to set up a green public transport system using government subsidies

He said he would also fight for more affordable housing and wanted developers who profited from the land to invest more in creating energy-efficient housing.

He added: "At a national level I will argue against the promotion of damaging and polluting industries and lobby the government to cut country-wide emissions.

"I will work with government scientists to identify better, more sustainable solutions.

"Yes, Brexit is important. But climate change is something that affects and unites us all, regardless of our position on the EU."

Mr Taylor will be part of a debate on climate change to take place at St Andrew's Methodist Church, Sheringham, on Thursday, September 26, 6.30pm.

Other north Norfolk parliamentary candidates will also be at the debate, and there will be a presentation from Dr Hayley Pinto of Climate Hope Action In Norfolk.