Can you support the man running the British Coast who is currently in Norfolk?

Chris Shipley is in Norfolk as he runs the British Coastline. Picture: Chris Shipley

Chris Shipley is in Norfolk as he runs the British Coastline. Picture: Chris Shipley - Credit: Chris Shipley

It's good to have a hobby; be it exercising, painting or music.

However one man's hobby for pushing himself to the most gruelling limits will see him run through Norfolk as he vows to complete a ten month challenge running the British coastline.

Chris Shipley is currently making his way around the East Anglian coastline, passing Great Yarmouth and Winterton on March 26.

The 31-year-old said: 'I saw some seals today which was great. There have been some amazing sights, I ran over the cliffs of Dover and saw the Seven Sisters in the snow.

'I sprained my ankle in the cold weather from not warming up properly, so that's been my biggest challenge so far. I also got quite lonely in Essex because I didn't see many people to talk to and had to keep coming inland.'

Mr Shipley, who works as a scaffolder at home in Southampton, added: 'I'd really like people to join me if they'd like, I'd enjoy the company.

'People have also been amazing, offering me accommodation and a pint here or there.'

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Mr Shipley is camping throughout the journey, he said: 'I camped in some woodlands but it was quite noisy- there were lots of badgers and they kept scuffling along my tent.'

Mr Shipley is running for charity Scope, who fund campaigns to change negative attitudes about disability.

He said: 'Some friends of mine have children who suffer from cerebral palesy, and I have some friends with disabilities. I thought, if I'm going to do something crazy I might as well raise some money!'

The run should take approximately ten months, but Mr Shipley has said he won't be competing for any world records.

He said: 'The route is so difficult to determine so I'm not sure it'd work. I'm obviously pushing myseld but I don't know how long particular legs will take and sometimes they take longer than expected, I'll just see how it goes.'

Mr Shipley says that so far, his friends and employers have been very supporting.

'I think my girlfriend Laura is glad I'm not in the flat making a mess,' he said. 'When I told my employers I would be away for ten months I got some funny looks, but they said my job will be there for me when I get back.

'I'm particularly looking forward to running in Scotland, I really like trail running and I'm excited to see the more isolated areas.'

To back Chris, visit his website, or to get involved visit his facebook page 'Chris Shipley's Great British Run'.