Four rescued by Wells RNLI after their boat ran aground

RNLI Wells lifeboat rescue rib

The RIB being taken to the harbour by the lifeboat as the fog became dense - Credit: Ray West for the RNLI

Four people were rescued from a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) this weekend by the Wells RNLI Lifeboat crews after running aground on the ebbing tide.

Wells RNLI are hoping the incident on Saturday shows the necessity to understand the tide and plan accordingly when taking to the water on Norfolk's "ever-changing" coastline.

The crew hoped to be able to refloat the RIB on the incoming tide, but part of the boat was only partially inflated, raising concerns of its overall buoyancy.

With darkness and a heavy fog incoming, the lifeboat launched to take the four from the RIB back to the safety of the boathouse and then recovered the stranded boat.

RNLI Wells lifeboat rescue rib

The RIB being rescued by an RNLI crew - Credit: Ray West for the RNLI

The four from the RIB then made their way into Wells to their mooring and awaited the RNLI crew.

The RIB was 25 metres up the beach and was taken back to the harbour in the dense fog.

The lifeboat crews made clear that whilst this outcome was a good one, not being prepared and understanding the environment you're in can put yourself and those around you at risk.