Footpath linked to new housing development going nowhere - council concerns

New housing development in Back Lane, Roughton. Picture: Planning documents

New housing development in Back Lane, Roughton. Picture: Planning documents - Credit: Planning documents

Footpaths supposedly linking a new housing development to a village centre are 'going nowhere', according to a parish council.

Thirty new homes are set to be built on land at Back Lane, Roughton, plus a sports pitch, wetland habitat, and a community facility.

An outline planning application was approved in March 2017 for the development for Broadland Development Services.

It also includes a 17-space car park and a footpath link to the village.

Revised plans have now been submitted to North Norfolk District Council (NNDC).

But a spokesman for Roughton Parish Council said on the NNDC website that it was "extremely concerned that the footpaths which were integral to this application to join the development to the main part of the village seem to be going nowhere".

The council also said the development appeared to be "just bolted on with no real ease of walking to the facilities of the village".

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A spokesman for Bidwells, the agents for the applicants, said: "As detailed in the planning application documents, the intention has always been to provide a footpath link between the residential part of the proposal and Old Turnpike Road.

"Unfortunately, there was an error in the preparation of the initial masterplan submitted as part of the application. This has now been identified and addressed, with revised information submitted to NNDC for consideration. It remains the intention of, and has always been, the intention of the applicant to provide the footpath link."

The parish council said: "The original plan was that the footpath down the side of the pumping station and a property labelled Brookside continued down the roadway to join up with Old Turnpike. It appears that this now just stops near to the pumping station meaning that the footpath is pointless."

It added that another footpath would ensure that new families and children had easy access to the school, but said: "It appears that this concept has been lost and this was the main reason why the parish council agreed, supported and pushed for the development.

"We need to see the original footpaths connected to the village centre as originally agreed.