Scouts hit twice by thieves launch fundraiser for security equipment

John Brown, 1st Aylsham Scout Group and section leader

John Brown, 1st Aylsham Scout Group and section leader - Credit: John Brown

A scout group twice hit by thieves in nine months has launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover replacing the stolen items and security equipment.

In October, 1st Aylsham Scout Group had a ride-on lawnmower and two trailers stolen from a field on Cawston Road, near Woodgate Nursery.

Then last month the group was targeted again with thieves making off with the scouts' 12m x 6m marquee which the organisation had been using for shelter and in order to run covid-19 safe meetings.

The marquee was not insured because it had been gifted to the group and was worth an estimated £2,000-£3,000.

Following the theft, John Brown, 1st Aylsham Scout group and section leader, said the organisation was looking at the cost of replacing the marquee and investing in security measures but that these were costs he did not want to come out of the scout groups equipment budget and "affect the kids".

The 6m by 12m marquee belonging to 1st Aylsham Scout group was stolen from land next to Woodgate Nursery in the village. 

The 6m by 12m marquee belonging to 1st Aylsham Scout group was stolen from land next to Woodgate Nursery in the village. - Credit: John Brown

Now, 1st Aylsham has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise the £10,000 needed to replace the stolen marquee and to pay for an "urgent upgrade to the security of the site".

Posting a message on the fundraising page Mr Brown said that due to the coronavirus pandemic the scouts had not been able to fundraise as normal and that this had had an impact on the group's finances.

He said finding money for the new marquee and security equipment would mean the group's executive team would have to make some "difficult decisions".

He said: "The replacement marquee and security will mean money for new equipment we wanted to buy and the work we were doing on our mobile classroom will have to be halted for now.

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"All the adult members involved in scouting are volunteers and the theft has hit us hard especially in these uncertain times.

"We were also looking forward to being able to offer water activities this summer with new equipment and also new archery equipment, all of which is now on hold."

Mr Brown said the group's aim was to raise enough money to cover the cost of a new marquee and security equipment and that "any support would be very gratefully received".

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