Find an exciting new career with McDonald’s in Norfolk

The Cromer McDonald's restaurant has people from all walks of life in its team

The Cromer branch of McDonald’s is among the restaurants welcoming people from all walks of life to its team - Credit: Kevin Foley

Ambitious people of any age who want an exciting career in anything from hospitality to restaurant management will find a role for them at McDonald’s.

And so too will those who want a fulfilling job but don’t want to climb the career ladder, says Simon Bean, culture and wellbeing manager for K Foley Ltd, which owns 10 branches of McDonald’s across Norfolk.

The business employs more than 1,100 people and the team is proud that it includes a wide range of people. They range from teenagers in their first job to many others who have already enjoyed a long working life and joined McDonald’s to enjoy the camaraderie and team fun, perhaps just for a few hours 
a week.

“We have a good mixture of people as we have always been open to all comers,” said Mr Bean.

“You can join us as a school leaver, and we have people right up to their late 70s,” he said, adding that the flexibility of various shifts and opportunities attracted many people.

“At Cromer, for instance, there are shifts from 5am through to finishing at 1am, so something to fit in with everyone,” he said. 

Simon Bean, Culture and Wellbeing Manager for K Foley Ltd

Simon Bean, culture and wellbeing manager for K Foley Ltd, which owns 10 McDonald's restaurants across Norfolk - Credit: Shane Long

While some people love to find their niche and choose to stay there, from front of house to working in the kitchen or at the drive-through tills, others take on McDonald’s many training and progression opportunities.

“All of our managers started as crew, preparing food, at the till and in the dining areas, and they have worked their way up. There are so many opportunities available,” said Mr Bean.

With a structured training programme, team members can train and gain qualifications too, ranging from apprenticeships and various NVQ levels to degrees. The training includes customer service, teamwork, management and financial management and is open to staff, including part-time workers, whatever their age. 

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“Progress is up to the individual,” said Mr Bean.

He said there are a number of part and full-time roles available at stores in Norfolk and jobs include a variety of benefits, plus there are guaranteed hour contracts that employees can apply for in order to have more security than a flexible contract.

“It’s not just competitive pay, it’s a free meal every shift for employees, a very comprehensive discount scheme giving discounts on hundreds of high street brands – and it’s our flexibility,” he said.

Mr Bean himself started off as a crew member as a teenager, he fulfilled a variety of roles and climbed the career ladder. Now, 26 years after his first job with McDonald’s, his professional development continues with the recent completion of a human resources apprenticeship, with plans to take further qualifications.

“I would recommend them as an employer. I think there is a lot more to jobs here than people realise. It’s not just coming in and working in a restaurant, there is so much more going on.”

Find out more about the various roles and shifts available at McDonald’s restaurants, including Cromer, at