2-week festival will celebrate Norfolk’s dark skies


The incredible dark skies and landscapes of north Norfolk will be celebrated during a two-week festival.


The region has been recognised as one of the best places in the UK to discover the darkness and night skies.

And the Norfolk Coast Partnership (NCP), which preserves this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, will be hosting events during the festival, which also includes the introduction of a specially brewed local ale.

The aim is raise awareness of the benefits that lack of light pollution can bring to the natural beauty of the coastline and also to encourage visitors to the region.

The specially commissioned ale, which will be called Dark Skies, was crafted by Team Moon Gazer, which is run by Rachel and David Holliday in north Norfolk.

Mr Holliday said: "Norfolk is widely known for its big blue skies, but to have a festival which will raise awareness of the value and beauty of the night skies is really exciting.

"Our own inspiration from and connection to the night sky can already be seen on our logo with our Moon Gazing hare but for this beer we will take the connection one step further by using some ingredients that have a strong connection to the night."

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The NCP's Kate Dougan said: "We are very lucky to have such incredibly dark skies here. The lack of light pollution adds to the rural character and tranquillity of this protected area, and helps make this coast so special for the people who live, work and visit here.

"Dark skies bring numerous benefits aside from enhancing the natural beauty of the area. Notably, they are important for our own well-being and they evoke feelings of calmness and nostalgia, reduce stress and allow us to sleep better, thereby improving our physical and mental health."

The beer will be a golden ale, brewed using Maris Otter barley grown along the north Norfolk coast, and will use British hops. It will be available in Norfolk pubs throughout the Dark Skies festival, which runs between September 6-22.

For more details of the festival and how to get involved, visit www.norfolkcoastaonb.org.uk