Father killed in Westwick junction crash near Norwich

A 'lively and kind' father was killed in a car crash after travelling home from a musical at his teacher son-in-law's school.

William Peter James, known to friends and family as Peter, was killed in an instant when a driver ploughed into his car as he tried to pull away from a staggered junction at Westwick.

The 73-year-old from Pound Lane, Blofield, was travelling with his son-in-law when he was struck by Jordan Andrews, who was described by a witness as 'straddling the road' after trying to overtake a number of cars on the B1150.

James Hicks, who witnessed the crash, said: 'I was driving 45 to 50 mph and Mr Andrews flew past me.

'There was a 4X4 coming in the other direction that flashed its lights. He swerved back into the right lane and caught the verge and started kicking up debris.

'Then I noticed the blue car coming out of the left hand junction and the Astra impacted into the driver's side.'

Witnesses at the inquest held at the Assembly House yesterday described how they heard screeching tires and saw an explosion which scattered debris across the road.

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Mr Andrews said that he had decided to overtake because he thought it was possible to do so and was travelling at around 50 miles per hour towards North Walsham.

Collision investigator, PC Martin Barker, said that tests proved that the Vauxall Astra could have reduced its speed before the collision, but said the car was there to be seen by the Ford driver before he pulled out.

He continued: 'There is advance warning signs of the staggered cross roads at Westwick, which is a fairly substantial indication that this is a hazardous place to be.'

Norwich coroner, William Armstrong, said: 'Mr Andrews has appeared before magistrates but that charge does not relate to the matter of Peter's death, but for his driving when passing other vehicles.'

'Peter was described by his wife, Maggie, and daughter, Fiona, as a lively, warm and kind individual who was an accomplished drummer.'

Mr Armstrong recorded a verdict of death as the result of a road traffic collision.

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