Plight of seals inspires school art made from 4,000 plastic bottle tops

Sidestrand Hall school Riding the Wave of Hope sculpture

Plight of seals getting plastic frisbees stuck around their necks inspired school artworks. - Credit: Composite Prime

Pupils from two Norfolk schools have created thought-provoking artworks using plastic bottle tops as part of a campaign to raise awareness about plastic waste.

Sidestrand Hall School in Cromer and Mousehold Infant & Nursery School in Norwich collected a combined 3,804 bottle tops to create artworks in a nationwide competition run by recycled plastic firm Composite Prime.

Mousehold Infant & Nursery School mural Save Our Oceans.

Mousehold Infant & Nursery School mural Save Our Oceans, featuring the 'Mousehold Mermaid'. - Credit: Composite Prime

Sidestrand has made the top 10 finalists for its Riding the Wave of Hope sculpture, featuring a seal with a plastic ring around its neck, while Mousehold impressed with its Save Our Oceans mural. 

Both artworks are now in an online exhibition competing with schools across the UK to win a £5,000 playground makeover.

Sidestrand Hall school Riding the Wave of Hope sculpture

Sidestrand Hall school Riding the Wave of Hope sculpture made from hundreds of plastic bottle tops from above. - Credit: Composite Prime

Mousehold Kestrel class teacher Jodie Coathup said: "The children were so excited to find out they’re finalists. 

“The idea for a sea-life theme with our 'Mousehold Mermaid', was also influenced by a local news article the children had seen about seals getting frisbees stuck around their necks."

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