Academy's culture of good behaviour lands it special status

Cromer Academy headteacher Darren Hollingsworth.

Cromer Academy headteacher Darren Hollingsworth. - Credit: Stuart Anderson

Cromer Academy has become just one of 21 secondary schools in the country to be given a special status for its culture of good behaviour. 

The Norwich Road school has been named a 'lead school for behaviour and culture' by the Department for Education.

Darren Hollingsworth, principal, said he was "extremely proud and humbled" about the award.

Mr Hollingsworth said: "We are so proud of our staff, pupils and parents."

The idea behind the status is that by developing good behaviour, routines and structures in schools, pupils are supported in improving their engagement, mental health and wellbeing.

The Behaviour hubs programme offers a blend of school-to-school support, along with training delivered by expert behaviour advisers.

Until recently there were only seven primary schools and eight secondary schools in the whole country that were identified as having the culture, leadership and capacity to be part of the programme.